Junior Division

FUN news for our youth shooters.

Our youth shooters (11-18 years old) will be in their own division (Junior Division)
and will be allowed to shoot a .22 caliber pistol (can be either
semi-auto or revolver).

ALL Junior Division shooters MUST be accompanied on the firing line
by a legal parent or guardian on the range, there won’t be any exceptions to
this. Junior shooters will adhere to all range rules and course rules the
same as adults. ANY non-compliance with safety rules will be cause for
elimination and/or removal from the range.

Junior Division will be timed and scored the same as the adult
division. Juniors will be worked through the stages the same as other
shooters so parents/guardians be prepared to be here for two or more runs
for you both to compete. Parents/Guardians be prepared for your time slot by
having your youth shooter’s safety gear, magazines etc. ready when their
names are called.

Junior Division will NOT be eligible to win a firearm (there will be
separate prizes for the Junior Division).

We feel this will allow us to properly introduce our youth to competition
and give them a positive perspective with firearms that they are not able to
get anywhere else. Let’s make this a positive experience and have fun!