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Trigger Work
- Drop-In Parts with Customer Supplied Parts (Does Not Include Tuning)$25
- Drop-In Parts Purchased at Thunder Alley$0 Free Install
- Parts Requiring Tuning/Fitting (Trigger Kits, Connectors, Etc.)$35/hour
- Trigger Enhancement (Clean-Up and Smooth Out Factory Internals)
Possibly Addition Time/Price Depending on Parts Added to TE
$35 - $55
Sight Installation
- Sight Install (No Fitting Required)$20
- Sight Install (Fitting Required)$30
- Optics Install and Bore Sight$35
- Optics Install and Bore Sight with Test Shoot (Varies with Caliber or Sup. Ammo)$50
Pistol Work
- Remove Finger Grooves$25
- Grip Chop$50
- Undercut Trigger Guard$35
- Double Undercut Trigger Guard$40
- Bevel Trigger Guard$35
- Recess Cut for Gen 1-3 Mag Releases
Misc. Grip Work$35/hour
- AR-15/AR-10 Upper or Lower$35
- AR-15/AR-10 Upper And Lower$55
- Pistol Slide$10
- Pistol Frame$10
- All Others (Varies with Model)$35
All Other Rifle Work (Varies with Part)$25
FUBAR Fix (Price varies on time to fix part(s) if possible)Depends on FUBAR