Range Info & Hours

Range Info & Hours

Randy, Joyce & Cruze Lauer

4713 Hartley St. Suite 1
Lincoln, NE  68504

Store Phone:

Fax: 402-486-0464


Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 8PM

Sunday  12 – 6PM
Closed on Mondays

Range Prices:
Per person – $8.00 per half hour or $12.00 per hour per person

Photo by Zach Lauer

Available Thunder Alley Firearm Inventory THOUSANDS OF FIREARMS TO CHOOSE FROM:
Click HERE

We have a bunch of accessories for CCW holders, cleaners and much more.  We have all popular calibers in stock from .22 on up to .45ACP.  We stock most common rifle ammo also.

Unfortunately we do NOT rent firearms at this time. Check Back at a later date for more info.

Shotguns & Black Powder guns are NOT allowed. 

Only Soft Point (SP) rounds are allowed on the High Power (Rifle) Lane (No Exceptions).

 Rules and Liability Form (pdf file)