Craig Schnieder/B.C.A. Tactical Training, LLC

Instructor: Craig Schnieder, 38 year veteran law enforcement officer
-Craig founded and served as President of the Nebraska Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors for 10 years.
-Has trained during his career with many of the top shooting schools including Thunder Ranch and Chapman Academy.
-Teaches three levels of concealed carry courses; Basic, Nebraska Concealed Weapon, and Advanced Techniques. Courses are heavily tilted to the legal aspect of self defense situations.

Nebraska Concealed Handgun Class: This class is done on Sunday afternoons but special settings can be arranged. Successful completion of this class entitles the student to apply for their Nebraska Concealed Carry permit. The class is heavily geared toward the legal aspect of the law, mind set, situational awareness, and discussion on equipment, weapons and ammunition. The shooting portion of the class is detailed to what actually occurs in a stressful/lethal force situation. Cost is $150.00. Bring to class: gun, belt, holster, eye and ear protection, 100 rounds of ammunition, at least two magazines or speed loaders and a light shirt or jacket.

Basic Class: This class is designed for the new shooter or the shooter that wants to improve their basic skills. Course covers firearms safety, different types of weapons, ammunition, equipment, maintenance, storage and fundamentals of shooting. Classes are normally done on Monday nights and usually last 1 – 2 hours. Cost is $50.00.

Intermediate Handgun Training: This course provides the students with additional training to elevate their basic skills with a handgun. Approaching handgun manipulation through bio-mechanical and ergonomic principles students will begin to understand how to move and shoot more efficiently. Course lasts 3-4 hours. Cost is $100.00 Necessary Equipment: Eye and Ear protection, belt and holster for your weapon, at least (2) magazines or speed loaders and at least 100 rounds of ammunition.

Advanced Concealed Carry Class: A class designed to advance the students skills and take them to the next level and to prepare the student for a lethal force encounter. Class entails shooting with the aid of a hand held or weapon mounted tactical light, shooting in total darkness, shooting on the move, malfunction clearance, strong arm shooting, and weak hand shooting and many other skills sets. Cost is $75.00. Bring to class: Minimum 200 rounds of ammunition. Necessary Equipment: Eye and Ear protection, belt and holster for your weapon, at least (2) magazines or speed loaders and at least 200 rounds of ammunition.

So sign up today to get into one of the classes and get the experience that you need to protect yourself and family with Lincoln’s best! Craig offers personal one-on-one training and offers group rates for businesses as well as his monthly scheduled classes. Check out the Class information page on the Thunder Alley website.

You can contact Craig at (402) 430-7235 or at for more information. You can also call Thunder Alley at (402) 464-0083 for more information or to get scheduled in of Craig’s classes.