CCW Classes

CCW Classes

All CCW instructors are certified by the State of Nebraska and/or the NRA. These guys are the best. We offer a class room for instruction as well as the range for all your qualifying needs.

Sign up for your class by contacting the range for dates and times or call the instructors direct to get a feel for what they do and for the cost of the training. Training cost will vary from instructor to instructor depending on what type of training you are needing. Come down and enjoy yourself.


Craig Schnieder
B.C.A. Tactical Training Facebook Page
(402) 430-7235


Nebraska Concealed Carry LLC

Chris Zeeb

Nebraska Concealed Carry Facebook Page

RogerĀ  Terrell
(402) 429-0435
Nebraska Concealed Carry Facebook Page

Midwest Firearms Training

Mike Mettscher
(402) 580-8548


The Armed Citizen
Gene Alphin
The Armed Citizen Facebook Page
(402) 470-1162